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We ask our dear guests, volunteers and students to please respect the following rules when visiting our project sites, helping us with water wells, during field trips and while volunteering in the field with us.

Cambodians are some of the most welcoming and friendly people you will encounter.  Sadly this leaves some of them (especially children) exposed to difficult situations.   We want to avoid any misunderstandings and continue respecting the local traditions, as well as the welfare of children and our adult beneficiaries.


  • If you wish to take a photo with a Buddhist monk or nun, please ask their permission first.  Always keep a small distance in order to avoid any physical contact as the Buddhist monks and nuns may not be touched (especially by women).
  • Please do not pat children (or anyone) on the head as this could be a sign of disrespect.
  • When visiting any temples or monasteries please follow these rules:
    • Do not spit
    • Do not use loud voices
    • Men should not wear sleeveless shirts and shorts should go below the knees
    • Women should always cover their shoulders and avoid short sleeves.  Long skirts or pants are recommended. Avoid wearing tight leggings and shirts showing too much chest.
  • The above also should be considered while visiting rural villages as some of the elders may get offended when visitors are exposing too much skin.
  • Please do not do any yoga poses in front of monasteries or graves.  A lot of graves are decorated in a way which may make them look like ancient mini temples.  People often do not know they are graves and take photos while doing yoga poses. This can be seen as insensitive behaviour.
  • If someone invites you into their home, please take off your shoes before entering.
  • Please refrain from giving money to children on the streets or at the temples.  As well, try to refrain from purchasing anything from children. This only encourages their parents to keep them out of school and force them to beg.  Exposing children to abuse, neglect and sexual assault.
  • If you wish to give a toy or candy to a child, please give it to their elders.


  • Always ask permission to take photos of individuals, their animals or their homes
  • Please refrain from taking photos of children without their elders being present and giving permission
  • Please refrain from taking photos of children who are not wearing shirts or pants
  • If you wish to share photos of children outside of your personal friends and family circle (for example in a blog or article), please ask us first.
  • Before photographing or filming, please assess and comply with local traditions or restrictions.  Some rural areas may have strict rules, so please check with the village chief.
  • If you feel that taking a photo or video in a situation may be intrusive or insensitive, such as photos of broken down homes or sleeping areas, please follow your instincts.
  • Never take photos of someone in distress
  • In some rural areas it is common for adults and children to bathe in open view.  Please refrain from taking any photos or videos.
  • Please use images honestly to represent facts and context.

When you are in the field with our team during installation of water wells, we will ask the families if they wish to take a photo with the volunteers.  As we understand it is important for you to have memories and share with family and friends. Please allow our team to take the photo and after the approval of the family and respective village chief we will share the photos with you.

  • We never want to objectify our beneficiaries
  • The only reason we take photos of beneficiaries beside water wells is to have proper records for our documentation which we present to local authorities
  • We always GEO-tag our wells through photos for future follow ups and to educate workers we hire
  • Any photos or videos we display of beneficiaries is not intended to show them in a desperate situation.  We only share positive imagery as a result of the hard work and dedication our team and volunteers provide

Please note that anyone volunteering with us for projects which requires them to interact with children or teenagers will require a police background check.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us: info@tavoosgarden.com


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